Thursday, October 28, 2010

web vessel

Influenced by the nodal, possibly 3-dimensional connective possibilities of a spider-web, combined with a vessel with multiple openings and possible orientations that can aggregate to create a strung or stacked wall. The vessels would act very simply as vases or pots, and then perhaps offer other openings to random trinkets such as keys, pens, etc. (of course, this would be most useful if said facade was located near a residential exit) Basic vessel formal language and placement influenced at first by some qualities of both the ping-pong sponge and the cloudscape shown.

Areas of progression need to be a cleaning-up and technical understanding of the piece as a two-part mold. Hole sizes/ hollowing also need to be addressed much more carefully.

1 comment:

  1. it would be very helpful to see the kinds of drawings i suggested in the bspace announcement i sent earlier. also, because the assignment is about biological clustering, i am going to hold you to making the precedent and form more related to each other. it is arguable that a cloud isn't a biological organism, nor a spider web.

    while the form looks intriguing, i'm not sure that you are clustering the object, but hanging them independently in space. please clarify and refine.