Wednesday, October 27, 2010

rhizomedrome v.2

another take on the idea of the rhizome, with five "branches" which can be trimmed at different lengths while the clay is wet to produce varied forms. it should also now be able to be created using a two part mold - i'll undertake to figure out where the split line would be in the morning.

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  1. i like your newest iteration, particularly the idea of the illuminated/glazed interior. a few thoughts:

    1. can you remodel the geometry so there is as little pinching as possible? i see that there are some pretty tight bends that i wouldn't want to fold in on themselves when printed. this may or may not be an issue.

    2. one thing to check and design for is the pour hole and ask yourselves if slip is poured in, will air bubbles form inside the cavity anywhere and resolve that issue.

    3. thicken the object 1/8"-1/4" and design to fit in a 10"x8"x8" box.

    once you do that and show me the drawing expectations i asked for in my previous bspace posting, let's send this to print. simply show me the drawings and send me the model and i'll give emily licht the ok and you can send her the stl.