Tuesday, October 26, 2010

rhizomedrome - nick + nathan

we've been exploring the implications of the rhizome as a system which can cluster or aggregate at multiple scales.

in which a closer examination of a given cluster may reveal a microcosm of the larger system, as in the case of this satellite image of the earth at night - zooming in on any bright point would reveal that it is composed of a network which shares the logic of the global system.

or in these maps of the internet, which one can think about in a similarly scalar way, but which are perhaps more formally suggestive.

additionally, one of the most interesting and suggestive properties of a rhizome is its lack of a clear origin or terminus - it is a system which has the ability to expand indefinitely, or to be subdivided to the level of a single stem without compromising its overall integrity.

structurally, choosing the rhizome as a precedent seems to have clear implications for the nature of the interaction between metal and ceramic components and for the visibility or lack thereof of the underlying "root structure", which is to say the rhizome itself

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